On Beauty: A Manifesto

The cliche goes that, in makeup, the face is your canvas; a more precise feeling, for me, is that my face is a medium. My makeup technique involves as much awareness of the geometry in my body as it does the deftness of my hands or the tools it holds. Although, certainly, beauty plays a part in all this, it would be a mistake for me to say that I practice makeup in order to make myself beautiful. More than beauty, my personal makeup practice is about knowing myself.

Where Have I Been?

Hi there! It has been a really long time since I updated this blog. Here's why: 1. I am a graduate student & my thesis is due this semester. 2. In January, some health issues surfaced that have been chronic ever since. I am eager to start updating again. I even have some drafts of … Continue reading Where Have I Been?

Selfie #2: Google Tells Me I am a Beautiful Princess

Zoie Ghika's portrait was commissioned by Catherine the Great. After Russia conquered Moldova, Catherine kept Ghika as a member of the royal court. She was an exotic presence, symbolic of the expansion of the Russian Empire to the Black Sea. Google Arts & Culture asks, "What do you see in her gaze and her posture? Is she a cowed princess or a proud refugee?" These questions make me flinch. 

Athena Tries It: No Foundation Makeup

I love a good natural makeup look, but less-than-perfect skin presents a challenge. Can I really skip foundation if I have problem skin?  Like half of all women in their 20s, I suffer from acne. Insecurity about my blemishes makes me pile on loads of concealing products to cover it up. On the other hand, caking on foundation doesn't necessarily lead to healthy skin. It's caught me in a vicious cycle that ultimately prolongs my breakouts & doesn't make me feel any better about it. Until now.