TREND FORECAST: Beauty Looks for 2018

It’s an exciting time to wear makeup. Thanks to the rise of online makeup communities & social media influencers, resources on product uses & application is unmatched. It’s easier than ever to try new things & have fun with beauty products. But trends change fast, & it’s not hard to feel bombarded by the amount of new gimmicks being marketed to consumers.

As a makeup enthusiast, I’ve noticed a recent shift; it seems that so-called “Instagram” makeup is going out of style in favor of more retro looks reminiscent of the late 90s. In 2017, more natural makeup trends emerged such as feather brows, dewy skin, & lip gloss. But while a mostly natural look might be en vogue, highly pigmented & effortless to apply products aren’t going anywhere. In 2018, I predict that brands will be focused on fun & freedom more than ever.

In 2018, the most popular beauty products will be ones that move away from concealing & correcting. Instead, we’ll see a focus on enhancing features, ease of application, & personal expression–makeup that screams confidence.


Foundation Free Makeup

Image via Michelle Phan.


In mid-2017, Ipsy co-founder Michelle Phan announced that she’d been foundation free for over a year. “Normally you would want to use less makeup if you have really good skin care habits. That was when I decided I don’t want makeup to be my security blanket.”

Phan’s advice gave foundation-free makeup routines a big boost in popularity. While I wouldn’t ditch your Kat Von D Lock It just yet, 2018 should see a rise in cosmetics designed for a girl-on-the-go. We’ll be ditching beauty blenders, pore-filling primers, & baking as often as we can. Instead, we’ll see a focus on face products that offer a flawless application on their own, as well as products that don’t need tools like brushes to apply. (More on this later!)

Be on the lookout for illuminating primers, highlighters, & concealers–any product that perfects skin texture & brings out an inner glow. We’ll also see more & more competition in prestige skincare, especially as drugstore brands step up their game.

Ultra Bright Colors

pantone ultra violent.jpg
Image via Pantone.

Pantone declared Ultra Violet as its color of the year for 2018, & they predict it will have a versatile role in new beauty products: “A singular matte purple on the lips or nails makes a bold statement of non-conformity, while softly blended metallics and shimmers in Ultra Violet transform the eyes into windows to the cosmos.

Pantone recommends pairing Ultra Violet with either muted or bold yellows, pinks, blues &, of course, purples. My favorites from their design palettes are Citrus, Prism Pink, & Turkish Sea.

Violet is blue based (as opposed to purples, which are red based). It’s resonant of blue-driven makeup trends of the 70s, 80s, & 90s. It’s a color that speaks to the present moment as well as the recent past, & it’s right on time for the revival of retro homages in beauty.

Statement Eyes

At Spring 2018 Fashion Week, makeup artist Romey Soleimani gave Rachel Comey’s runway show a signature motif: stunning single-color eye looks set on a nearly naked face. As natural makeup begins to regain popularity, we should see a rise in products meant to not only enhance our eyes, but to make sure everyone notices them.

Image via Getty.

In 2018, we’ll see a rise in the use of eye products that don’t require a brush to apply, such as color eye pencils & liners (like the NARS Velvet Eyeliner, pictured above, & NYX’s Vivid Brights). Interest in liquid eye shadows peaked this past December in the wake of Stila’s Shimmer & Glow, Make Up Forever’s Star Lit Liquid, & Milk Makeup’s Eye Pigments, so I suspect 2018 will offer a wide array of eye products that work like a runway in a bottle.

Powder eyeshadow isn’t going anywhere either. On January 5th, ColourPop is set to release 15 new matte shimmers in their Super Shock series, which is almost entirely bright neon & metallic shades (shout out to the sole nude shade in the upper right).

Image via Trend Mood.

I’m super inspired by super colorful looks from instagram users JKissa & Sarah Novio, pictured above, who are wearing Colour Pop shadows & Milk Makeup, respectively. Bold matte eye looks are totally in, & as a makeup enthusiast who loves creative twists, I couldn’t be more excited!

Leave me a comment & let me know what you think will be the hot new beauty trend in 2018!



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